Meet Claudie, the American Girl Doll Outfitted by Harlem’s Fashion Row Designer Sammy B

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The first look, consisting of a blue satin dress with lace detail, a shaggy white coat, and black patent leather sandals, is a traditional take on the era’s style, and came after hours of research. A second look, in the form of a short skater-style dress with a sheer cape, sandals with bows at the toes, and a crown all done in exquisite gold sequin embroidery will inevitably become the favorite look of every girl who gets her hand on it. “I wanted that to be the absolute wow moment,” Black said. “We can all have our wow moments from any age, you should feel wow as a little girl, because then you’ll grow up understanding self-care, understanding self-importance, and always making sure that you feel like you’re the best.”

The last look, a silver sequin sweater with faux fur detail at the neck and cuffs, with a pleated pearl satin skirt with silver sequin details, sparkly black tights, back patent leather mary-janes, and matching silver sequin headband, is rooted on her own holiday outfits as a child. “I feel like every little girl has this kind of outfit, it reminded me of getting ready as a child [to see family].” She added, “I thought, what would a little girl like to see? But also, what would I like a little girl to see?”

For both Black and Bennett, seeing the doll feels a little like coming full circle. “I’m really excited for my parents to see it because they were with us in the American Girl trenches when we were looking through the catalog every Christmas and circling what we wanted,” Bennett said. “And they were dutifully trying to find a way to make this happen.” Black added, “I wanted a doll for so long and when I finally got one, I was like oh my gosh, I couldn’t even touch it, it sat there like a trophy. So I feel really honored to be a part of such an iconic brand, but also to enter this world and show all the young girls like me that we can be a part of this in an even deeper way that I never even imagined.”

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