Meghan Markle is a ‘champion’ of ‘sustainable’ fashion just like Kate Middleton

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Whether it’s a smart shirt and jean combo or an all-out ballgown, knows how to dress for any occasion. The Duchess of Sussex also knows how to use fashion for impact, and her deliberate style choices often promote causes like women’s empowerment and environmentalism.

Meghan’s interest in sustainable fashion was clear as early as her wedding day in 2018 when she wore a dress by a renowned environmentally-conscious designer.

Lucy Kebbell, the founder of The WIP, said: “Meghan Markle, like Kate Middleton, has also long been a champion of sustainable businesses.

“Her appearances more often than not showcase at least one sustainable brand.

“Her second wedding dress was by British sustainability leader Stella McCartney, however, she has also shown support for smaller, wearable brands in the past like Outland Denim, Veja trainers and Mara Hoffman.

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“Together, Harry and Meghan were once dubbed the most unsustainable royals, but today, the outlook is much better for the couple.”

Meghan has also been pictured wearing pieces from her friend Misha Nonoo’s sustainable fashion line, and earrings by Kimai featuring synthetic diamonds in ethically-sourced gold.

Before Meghan burst onto the royal scene though, her sister-in-law Kate Middleton was also doing her bit for sustainable fashion.

Kate is often pictured wearing outfits she has worn previously, including at red carpet events, dispelling the celebrity ethos of never wearing the same thing twice.

While presenting the first Earthshot Prize Awards in London last year, Kate made an eco statement with her ensemble.

As the Earthshot Prize is Kate and William’s flagship environmental project for the Royal Foundation, it was only fitting that Kate recycled an outfit for the occasion.

Kate wore a lilac Alexander McQueen floor-length gown that she had previously worn 10 years earlier at a BAFTA event in Los Angeles.

The only difference in the ensembles was a slightly different belt, with Kate seemingly swapping the original white belt for an updated gold one.

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