New hires approved for named professorship, endowed chair faculty positions

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Arthur Beerman Professorship
Joshua Clarkson, Marketing

Briggs Swift Cunningham Professorship
Hui Guo, Finance

David Sinton Professorship
Debashis Pal, Economics

Donald Weston Chair
Frank Kardes, Marketing

El & Elaine Bourgraf Executive Director of Entrepreneurship
Kate Harmon

Fealy Family Endowed Chair in Entrepreneurship
Scott Dust, Management

James C. and Caroline Kautz Chair in Political Economy
David Brasington, Economics

James S. Womack/Gemini Chair of Signage & Visual Marketing
James Kellaris, Marketing

John & Gloria Goering Professor in Family & Private Business
Laurens Steed, Management

Johnson Investment Council Professor
Mehmet Sağlam

Johnson Investment Council Professor
Chen Xue

Joseph S. Stern Professor of Business Analytics

Joseph S. Stern Professor of Practice
Bradley Boehmke, OBAIS

Joseph S. Stern Professor of Practice
Jeffrey Shaffer, OBAIS

Karen Bennett Hoeb Directorship for Cooperative Education
Kevin J. Hardy, Career Services

Kautz-Uible Professorship of Economics
Michael Jones, Economics

Norwood & Marjorie Geis Chair
Nan Zhou, Accounting

Richard E. Thornburgh Professorship of Finance
Alexander Borisov, Finance

Richard E. Thornburgh Professorship of Practice
David Salem, Finance

Virgil Schwarm Professorship
Tong Yu, Finance

Virgil Schwarm Professorship
Annette Hofmann, Finance

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