The fashion style that will make you feel like a 90′s witch

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If you love fashion inspired by mystical witches, the Whimsigothic style that is viral on TikTok is for you.

The series Sabrina the Teenage Witch and the movie The Craft were some of those productions that undoubtedly marked the fashion style of all those little witches of the 90s who liked the gothic and dark style that at the same time could be tender and sexy with vibrant colors and designs.

And as fashion is setting trends that come and go throughout history, just one that is not forgotten and that has gained much strength in viral videos on TikTok is Whimsigothic, a style inspired by the witches of the 90s that everyone wants to copy to be as fashionistas, aesthetic, and whimsical as possible.


If you want to enchant everyone in your path, check out what this style that stealing looks like on the internet is all about.


for people who prefer trousers 🔮 had lots of requests to do trouser outfits in this style since im such a skirt girl, hope u like them! 🫶🏻 #90sfashion #fashiontiktok #stylingideas #whimsigothic #whimsigoth #fashionforyou

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What is Whimsigothic?

Whimsigothic style, also known as Whimsical goth or Whimsy gothic, comes from the fusion of the words “whimsical” and “gothic” coined by Evan Collins, the co-founder of the Consumer Aesthetics Research Institute. This trend merges the gothic style of the 80s and 90s with the surrealism found in fairy tales and dark movies like those of Tim Burton or Guillermo del Toro.


Besides having a mysterious touch in every Whimsigoth look, it also has a romantic-esoteric air that only queens of the occult and followers of the Wicca movement understand.

What is it like to dress in Whimsigothic style?

According to fashion experts, this style includes lace, velvet, corsets, long skirts, flowers, cashmere, denim, long dresses, long boots, large rings, chokers, large necklaces, and blouses with transparencies and all kinds of mystical figures such as stars, moons or suns.


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